Welcome to Shaanti Dev Build

Our company makes innovation in real estate sector and brings out desired changes according to their investors needs and desires. Before starting any of the projects the company did lots of market research. The company studied the market well and evaluates all the pros and cons of that project. As a result the company gathered a great deal of data upon which the further investment and development strategies of the company were determined.

Shaanti Devbuild is a privately held real estate company with impressive annual revenue and a leading group involved in land bank development in Central India.Shaanti Devbuild is a quality focused company. We continuously strive to attain higher organizational maturity to provide better value to our clients. Our skills, expertise and business processes ensure that we are dependable realtors to our customers.

     We nurture a rich cross cultural work environment that promotes individual and organizational excellence in everything we do. To provide properties with “peace of mind” to our clients, we have set up a Data Acquisition Group. This high powered team stays in tune with the latest developments, regulations & upcoming possibilities.

     We look forward to serve you for your realty needs that are destined to be mutually beneficial and enhance the world around us in whatever small way.